Moron Brothers


Mike Hammonds was born, raised, and still lives in Nicholasville, Kentucky. He grew up like I did, listening to the Grand Ole Opry and watching shows like Porter Wagoner and the Wilburn brothers. Some of his heroes in the music field were #1 Merle Travis, Doc Watson and Stonewall Jackson. My favorite song that Mike has written is a tribute to Merle Travis. In the song he talks about seeing Merle play the ‘Nine Pound Hammer’ on the Porter Wagoner show. Mike was only 10 years old at that time and his life was changed forever. He would walk down the street to a neighbor friend Ronald Lane, who helped him with his first chords on a guitar. Some of his other local heroes on the guitar were Doug Stipes and Ray Allen Stipes. To Mike and I both, Ray Allen Stipes is the ‘Clayton DeLaney’ of Nicholasville. Dean Osborne is a good friend of ours who also came to some of those early jam sessions at the fire house. Dean is a great musician with two great bands, Eastbound and Bluetown. He is also a Pinecastle Recording Artist, but he is also a bluegrass festival promoter.

He asked Mike and I to play at the Red Mile Bluegrass Festival for him and he actually paid us. That was our first job together. When we came off stage and went to our seats with our wives to watch Tony Rice, the guy next to my wife asked her if she saw those two morons that was up there a minute ago, meaning us. That is when the (Moron Brothers) was born. His name was Mike and my name was Mike, so Lardo and Burley was invented to separate the two Mike’s. We both are fortunate to come from strong, hard working, religious families from the heart of the bluegrass. Our wives travel with us and sell tapes, CD’s and T-shirts. Without their support and work, we couldn’t and wouldn’t do it. Mainly because we’re still mostly doing it for fun. We both love to write songs, play music and most of all get a reaction from the crowd. We feel that there is enough sickness, sadness and grief in the world today and the good Lord means for people to have good, clean fun and laughter. Maybe that is the job he chose us to do. We hope so, cause it is fun for us also. Michael T. Carr (alias Lardo Moron)



I was born and raised in a small farming community in northern Fayette County called Loradale Kentucky. My family on both sides grew tabacco for a living. A lot of songs that I’ve written are about my family and friends and stories told around the country store. We later moved to Jessamine County were I graduated High School (believe it or not). While other kids were crazy about the Rolling Stones, Elvis and Rock and Roll, my interest seemed to be deep rooted in Country and Bluegrass Music, with hereos such as Merle Travis, Flat & Scruggs, Osborne Brothers, JD Crowe and Hank Williams. At the age of 21, I got a job at the Lexington Fire Deptartment where I had a lot of time between duties to practice the bango and later the fiddle. Along about 1991, on a warm summer evening, I was practicing my banjo in front of Station #5 when a friend stopped by with his guitar, Steve Works. Then a neighbor came by with a bass fiddle and we were jamming everyday after that in between duty. The jam session grew until the pickers and audience sometimes were more than we had room for. One night, somewhere about 1995, a shy guitar picker came with his brother, also from Nicholasville, to the jam session. He finally got his guitar out when the crowd thinned down and immediately everyone realized this guy had something to offer. A special friendship soon developed between us and today we’re closer than friends we’re brothers, Moron Brothers that is.

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