Kentucky Bluebelles

Blue Belles is a bluegrass band that consist of four members, Chloe Blayne on Banjo, Amelia John on Bass, Andrea Brooke on Guitar, and Ellie Ruth on the Fiddle. These young ladies have been referred to many times as a vocal powerhouse. Each Belle has a different colored voice that all sound great on lead but together create a sweet harmonic blend. Contrary to the general expectation of all female groups, these young ladies are each highly skilled on their instruments. They put on a live show that completely captivates their audiences, to the point where people are begging for more at the end each time they play. Blue Belles offers a sound of their own that is comprised of traditional bluegrass, old-time music, and a more progressive style of original songs. The versatility of their show leaves any and all listeners feeling completely fulfilled when they leave. Their first CD “Blooms” is a statement piece for the band. The overall tone of this CD is a fast paced, hard-driving style that exemplifies the instrumental skill of each member. The listener will also hear some melodious claw-hammer tunes and original material that show off their vocal techniques. The lead singer, Chloe does some outstanding work on this project, in particular song like ‘In My Rear View’, ‘Little bird of heaven’, and ‘Muleskinner Blues’. You wont want to miss Ellie’s original song ‘Come on Down’ or Amelia’s rendition of the Beatles ‘I’ve Just Seen a Face’. And Andrea’s guitar breaks are definitely one of the main highlights of this CD. Chloe, Amelia, Andrea, and Ellie are all extremely proud of Blooms and hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as they did making it!!!

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