Sometimes, Music just happens. In 2011, Scott Tackett set out to record a solo effort, and called in some of his picking friends to help. During that session, it became apparent that more than a studio session was taking place. The session ended, but a band was formed. It was special enough, that all five involved, abandoned their current musical ventures to become a part of the band that would be known as “Hammertowne”. Aint nobody looked back since.


Hammertowne is a group of Eastern Kentucky musicians whose lives have been largely impacted by their passion of Bluegrass Music. They are fortunate enough to be able to compose many of their own songs, yet they are a traditional band. Everything they do is motivated by their love of playing Bluegrass Music. They are a working man’s (and woman’s) Bluegrass Band. No whistles or bells. Just lots of Drive, and Energy, it’s all about the music. Pretty basic and successful philosophy.