Larry Gillis and The Hard Driving Swampgrass Band

When it comes to hard driving Bluegrass Music (especially in the last two decades), Larry Gillis is the man most people think of. Through the 90s, he and his brother John performed at just about every festival known to man. They were known as The Gillis Brothers and received such an acceptance by Bluegrass fans, that once they hit the stage, they had the audience in the palm of their hands for the rest of the night. One of their most well-known songs was recorded in 1995 and was the titled song for the album “Heart & Soul” on Rebel records, which became a favorite to all hard driving Bluegrass fans. It was shortly after this The Gillis Brothers decided to take a break and raise families down in Soperton, Georgia.


Now let’s fast forward to the present: Larry Gillis has made up his mind to set the woods on fire all over again, with just as much energy as before… including a young, hard driving, all new band to perform by his side. In late 2008, Larry released “Old Man Dreaming,” an album with original songs and great Gillis classics as well and started rising back to the top by early ’09.

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