Blue River

Blue River is a traditional Bluegrass band from Mt. Washington, Kentucky.

The band originated in the fall of 2006 and with the many years of playing and performing experience that each member possesses, Blue River sounds as if they have been playing together for years.

Blue River has a traditional sound and performs mostly original material written by the band members with a perfect blend of old favorites thrown in. The band holds the title of 2008 SPBGMA International Band Champions.

Blue River’s CD “Kentucky Girl and Me” was released in 2007 and “Outside of Nowhere” was released in 2008″.

Glenn Alford, leader of the group, loves traditional Bluegrass influenced by all of the original Bluegrass greats. He plays mandolin and sings lead and tenor vocals. He also writes most of the material for Blue River and has a knack for making a new song sound old.

Matthew Phelps sings lead and plays guitar. Matt brings his 18 years of experience to the stage.

Billy Edlin handles the banjo duties and is without a doubt is one of the most tasteful banjo players in Bluegrass. He provides the drive for Blue River.

Joel Wittinghill plays the fiddle for Blue River adding the soul to their sound. Joel sings most of the baritone vocals and has won many awards on many different instruments through the years.

Glenn didn’t have to look very far for a bass player. Paula “Boggie” Alford, Glenn’s wife, plays bass and sings some tenor vocals for the band. There is something special about sharing the stage with your spouse.

The next time you see Blue River on the schedule of a Bluegrass festival or show near you, come on out, sit a while and listen. You won’t be disappointed!

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