Backline Bluegrass


Backline is a six-piece band from Spartanburg, SC. The band came together in early February of 2016. The band is made up of Katelyn Ingardia-Guitar and Vocals, Travis Tucker- Dobro and Vocals, Milom Williams II-Mandolin and Vocals, Zachary CarterBanjo and Vocals, Clint White III-fiddle, and Chris Williamson-Doghouse Bass. Backline’s choice of material is almost 80% original music written by members in the band or by the band itself, but they also perform traditional covers arranged to fit their personal style. They are all about God, Country, Faith, Family, and Bluegrass, and these values shine through in their music. They are thankful for God’s many blessings and the many doors He has opened so far in their journey. Backline’s desire is to share their music through a more modern Bluegrass sound with enough traditional flare that it can be enjoyed by a new generation of Bluegrass lovers, but also the dedicated Bluegrass fans that have keep this great tradition alive.

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