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Track 145 has released another music video from their debut album, Will I Ever Know. It’s for a song called John Murrell, jointly co-written by the band, about the notorious 19th century outlaw, told from the perspective of the man who made his coffin.

This young band from Pikeville, TN has moved very quickly from a regional success story to the national market, based on the strength of the material on the album, and the singing of guitarist, Audrey Smith. Only 19 years of age, she is joined by her younger brother, 16 year old Jack, on mandolin, and 19 year old Justin Alexander on banjo, along with Colin Mabry on lead guitar, Nina Shoup on vocals, and Eddy Griffin on bass.

The real life John Murrell was among the most rampant criminals of his day, having gone from stealing horses as a teenager, to a practice of stealing slaves which was especially cruel. He, or one of the many members of his gang, would kidnap African slaves, promising them freedom if they cooperated, and then quickly reselling them to the highest bidder. Contemporary newspaper records suggested that Murrell regularly traveled with as many as 200-300 men in his company. He died of tuberculosis at 38 years of age shortly after being released from prison.

Track 145’s John Murrell video is cleverly done, shot at night around an open fire, giving the haunting story an eerie feel.


John Murrell and the Will I Ever Know album are available wherever you stream or download music online, and to radio programmers via AirPlay Direct.

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